veALVA is your key to influence and rewards within the Alvara ecosystem.


By staking ALVA tokens on our platform, you will unlock access to the Staking Rewards Vault (SRV). This vault is replenished with a percentage of all fees collected by the platform.

However, access to the SRV is only the tip of the iceberg, as the real benefit from staking is the veALVA users receive in exchange. veALVA is the real key to the bank vault as it is required during the weekly gauge voting event where holders allocate their veALVA to whichever eligible ERC-BTS they want to receive that week's ALVA reward stream. For an ERC-BTS to become eligible it must be voted in via Alvara's DAO.



VeALVA (Vote-escrowed ALVA)

Alvara is a decentralized autonomous organisation (DAO) that is governed by ALVA token holders who have staked their tokens to receive veALVA.

veALVA holders can participate in the management and development of the protocol. The Alvara DAO makes decisions regarding the distribution of ALVA rewards and the allocation of veALVA to different decentralized BTS platforms that have been deployed via Alvara's platform.

To vote on proposals and to vote on directing the ALVA reward stream, you must hold veALVA.


Voting Mechanism

The quorum for the Alvara DAO is 20%, which means that at least 20% of the veALVA holders must participate in a vote for it to be valid. The pass rate, which is the percentage of votes required for a proposal to be successful, is 51%.

Enacted proposals can be reversed by submitting another proposal that meets the same pass rate and quorum requirements.

To summarize, the Alvara Protocol's governance structure provides a transparent and democratic way for token holders to participate in decision-making.

The Alvara DAO, as a decentralized autonomous organisation, ensures that the protocol's development and management aligns with the interests of its users.


The ALVA wars are focused around controlling as much of ALVA's supply as possible. Holding and staking ALVA gives the power of governance, and the power of governance grants access to the massive 88M ALVA reward stream. How will you strategize to come out on top?

The more ALVA you hold, the more veALVA you can access, and the more veALVA you can access, the more ALVA you will hold. Let the games begin.