Tokenized Funds
for a DeFi Future

A full suite built for the next generation of fund managers.
Build. Manage. Earn.


We're Changing
the Way the World Invests

There has been a longstanding demand for a mechanism within the vast cryptocurrency market that allows users to hold multiple cross-chain assets in single, trackable basket. The wait is now over.

Introducing the Alvara Protocol, a groundbreaking decentralized crypto-fund platform that enables the creation and self-management of tokenized basket funds.

Poised to empower the upcoming generation of fund managers, Alvara is transforming the industry landscape. Embrace the future of Decentralized Finance.
Welcome to the Alvara Protocol.

Thousands of tokens to choose

Taking our tokens straight from Uniswap, you have access to an unlimited amount of tokens.


My portfolio

One place to manage all of your created and contributed baskets with understandable data.


Choose your weightings

Distribute evenly or be meticulous with the weightings of your basket.



Our platform provides a unique opportunity for both buyers and sellers in the Alvara community. The BTS Marketplace is where BTS creators can list their ERC-BTS tokens for auction.


Sell the rights to your fund

Creators can list their tokens for sale, giving management rights and revenue streams to the buyer, including a percentage of trading fees generated by their fund's BTS LP tokens.


Clear data

Our marketplace provides clear and comprehensive information about each fund listed for sale. Buyers can easily view the profit/loss, decentralized (DAO) status, underlying assets, and annual management revenue stream for each fund.



Whether the ERC-BTS is minted from the factory contract, or coded by hand, we will recognize it just like how Opensea recognizes any NFT. Every BTS manager is displayed against everybody else, no matter their circumstances, background or education.


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Constant updates

Stay updated on your fund and others.

Find data ranging from contribution activity, marketplace listings all the way to the funds latest acquisitions and performance.

You now have the ability to find the fund perfect for you, or better yet, create your own.