BTS Factory

Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting,
this powerful tool empowers you to create
and mint BTS tokens effortlessly.

Revolutionary Technology

An ERC-BTS is our Basket Token Standard, allowing users to pull a collection of assets, across different chains into a single, manageable public fund. Enabling users to showcase their skills within crypto markets or take advantage of other skilled traders by contributing to their fund.

Our ERC-BTS Factory is the primary architectural arm of the protocol.

The ERC-BTS Factory enables users to design and deploy brand new tokenized funds on the blockchain. Tokens from any blockchain are supported, allowing for a first of its kind cross-chain fund creation.

Simplified creation process

Four easy steps to create your first basket of tokens, we handle all of the complexity on the backend ;)

Add assets
Your BTS is now minting
$HRV is now live!

The steps

Name your ERC-BTS and upload its logo. Be creative and inviting to potential contributors, be descriptive to show them how you allocate.

Add the tokens you would like to include in your basket. These can be tokens across different chains and soon, NFTs too.

Allocate the percentage weighting of your chosen assets. You can also set this to auto rebalance every month.

Create a BTS

Minting fees

The creation mechanism enables users to create (mint) new BTS LP tokens at the net asset value (NAV) of the underlying assets with any BTS. The total cost of initial creation of a new ERC-BTS is 1% with 0.5% burning ALVA and another 0.5% going to the Foundation.

Simplified creation process

To prevent the frivolous creation of numerous ERC-BTSs, we have set a minimum creation amount. The creator holds the ERC-BTS token and BTS LP tokens, which only represent their personal capital investment in the fund.