At Alvara, we prioritise delivering rewards and benefits to our users, integrating this ethos into every aspect of our development.

By staking your ALVA tokens on our platform, you unlock access to the Staking Rewards Vault (SRV). This vault is replenished with a percentage of all fees collected by the platform, meaning stakers can claim rewards weekly.

Your claimable rewards are based on your staked ALVA's proportion of the total stake, considering specific locking periods. For example, if you lock your tokens for 4 years, you're eligible to claim from a specific pool each week, calculated based on your staked ALVA balance relative to the total staked across all pools.

Moreover, you can stake your BTS LP tokens to get a slice of the weekly ALVA rewards designated to your ERC-BTS. But remember, this applies if your BTS LP tokens belong to an ERC-BTS with an open staking pool on our platform. If you want to propose a staking pool for a fund, do so within Alvara DAO and earn community approval. Approved veALVA holders can allocate their tokens weekly during "The Dance". Only staked BTS LP tokens can receive rewards, calculated based on supply, user balance, and locking period.

The compounding rewards feature provides the option to boost your rewards. If used, your rewards will be re-invested to purchase and stake additional ALVA, enhancing your share of the total pool and the subsequent fee rewards. Note that this is the only way to increase your ALVA stake without resetting your locking period, but it won't replenish your veALVA balance.

Users bear the responsibility for all associated gas fees on the platform. However, claiming rewards weekly is not mandatory; unclaimed balances accumulate for future claims.
At Alvara, we're committed to delivering a secure and rewarding staking experience. Join our Telegram or Discord today and explore the staking platform further!