Alvara offers a unique platform for both buyers and sellers within its community. The BTS Marketplace serves as a stage for creators to auction their BTS tokens.

At the heart of the marketplace, creators can put up their BTS tokens for sale. This gives potential buyers a chance to secure management rights and a revenue stream from the BTS token. In addition, BTS token holders can gain a percentage of the trading fees generated when their fund's BTS LP tokens are listed and traded on HiveX.

Alvara strives for transparency, offering detailed information about each fund listed for sale. This includes metrics like profit/loss, DAO status, underlying assets, and annual revenue stream from management. This allows buyers to make informed decisions effortlessly.

Sellers retain full autonomy over their auction listings, from setting the starting price, reserve price, to a "buy-it-now " price. If a buyer wishes to bid lower than the listed price, they can use the "make-an-offer" feature. Sellers can further enhance their listings by including a brief description to illustrate their fund and attract potential buyers.

Ensuring transactional security and efficiency, all transactions in the BTS Marketplace are final and occur on-chain.

Whether you want to list your BTS token or explore a variety of funds for purchase, Alvara invites you to join this dynamic community. Don't miss out.